Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can't Access .OST File in Outlook

I got the following message when I opened Outlook today:

Then when I tried to send an email or delete an email I got, "... outlook.ost. could not be accessed."

When I look at the directory where it the ost file was everything looked fine. Permission looked fine.

While googling I found the following link, which gave these two suggestions:

  1. Disable cache: control panel->mail->email accounts->next->change->more settings->advanced tab-> then uncheck "Use Cahced Exchange Mode" and click OK->Next->Finish->Close. You may have to restart Outlook for the change to work.

  2. Not Admin? Locate ost file: control panel->mail->email accounts->next->change->more settings->advanced tab->offline folder file settings

Disabling the cache seemed to work for me. One side-effect is that it somehow changed my caching in IE8. I didn't have time to research it any further, but will follow-up with an explanation as to why this happened and why I wasn't able to access the .ost file in the first place.


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