Monday, December 10, 2012

Remove Task Pane Manager in VFP 9

I hadn't open VFP for years and wanted to do a few things today.  I noticed the the Task Pane Manager had the close button, but when I clicked it, it turn to disabled but didn't close (this only happens if you try to close the task manager pane before the command window loads).  Finding this a bit annoying.  I googled the issue and only found people making suggestions to change registry settings (completely unnecessary).

Instead you can remove the Task Pane Manager within VFP via: Tools > Options > File Locations (tab) > Startup Program (scroll down).  Highlight Startup Program and click the Modify button.  Remove "..\microsoft visual foxpro 9\", click OK, then click the Set As Default button.  If you don't click Set As Default button, the Task Pane Manager will run again the next time you start VFP.

You can create a .prg file and assign it as a Startup Program to run the and add other commands to allow you full control to the start up behavior of VFP.

If anyone out there still uses VFP, I hope this helps.

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Rob said...

One of the last Visual FoxPro users, says: thank you! helped me a lot!