Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Customizing the Color of Your Terminal Prompt

I posted a quick tip a couple of weeks ago about on how to Change the Terminal Command Prompt.

I want to take it one step further and add custom color to the prompt and/or to a portion of the prompt.

 currentDirectory$   export PS1='\e[1;32m\W\e[m\$'                                                   

I found this link to be a good bash prompt overview of how to customize your terminal prompt and has a list of fore and background colors show below:

Foreground colors, Normal (non-bold) is the default, so the 0; prefix is optional.
\e[0;30m = Dark Gray
\e[1;30m = Bold Dark Gray
\e[0;31m = Red
\e[1;31m = Bold Red
\e[0;32m = Green
\e[1;32m = Bold Green
\e[0;33m = Yellow
\e[1;33m = Bold Yellow
\e[0;34m = Blue
\e[1;34m = Bold Blue
\e[0;35m = Purple
\e[1;35m = Bold Purple
\e[0;36m = Turquoise
\e[1;36m = Bold Turquoise
\e[0;37m = Light Gray
\e[1;37m = Bold Light Gray
Background colors:
\e[40m = Dark Gray
\e[41m = Red
\e[42m = Green
\e[43m = Yellow
\e[44m = Blue
\e[45m = Purple
\e[46m = Turquoise
\e[47m = Light Gray

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